Known for her lighthearted yet highly specific approach to the yoga practice, Ame is a go-to teacher for those seeking knowledge and guidance on everything from the mysteries of triangle pose to rising above the rifts of modern-day competitive yoga culture. She is the founder and director of Boston Yoga School, which offers exceptional yoga studies programs all over the Northeast and in Europe. Ame works to change the landscape of contemporary yoga by training students and teachers to be inclusive, self-aware and active in the world. She believes firmly that yoga is not intended to be only a movement practice, but an ethical system and looks to the teachings of yoga and Buddhism as a spiritual compass in her own life.

A dedicated student of both the Iyengar and Ashtanga schools of yoga, Ame prides herself on being a devoted seeker and educated mentor. She aims to inspire others to stay on the path of yoga and of teaching. Ame is greatly indebted to her main teachers Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, who have taught her how to be in the world more gracefully and with utmost compassion. She is also deeply inspired by the work of the late Michael Stone and the movement creativity of Carrie Owerko.

Ame is a TEDx presenter, Yoga Journal contributor, Wanderlust Festival featured teacher, and was awarded the honor of “Best of Boston.” She travels extensively, leading retreats, trainings and workshops all over the world. In addition to her yoga studies, Ame holds a BA in Philosophy and Religion, an MA in Cultural Studies and moonlights as a Philosophy & Religion professor. Beginning in the fall of 2020, Ame will be pursuing her doctorate in American Religion at the University of Virginia.