From a Yogini Kitchen

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When I was young, my dad was always cooking.  Smells would fill the house and my sister and I would get antsy asking “is it ready yet” over and over. At the time I was much less interested in the process of cooking and far more interested in the product, but as I grew up I started to pay more attention to how he was making the magic that ended up on my plate. As...

Fall Frolic on Nantucket with Ame Wren & Kevin Courtney

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Where: Nantucket Town, Nantucket Island When: Thursday, Oct 29~Sunday Nov 1st Fall on Nantucket has a certain sweetness to it. The tourists are long gone and the leaves are beginning to turn but there’s still enough sun in the day for an afternoon walk on the beach. This retreat is for those who appreciate the quietude of fall in New England and long to spend a weekend tucked away in a gorgeous island home. Over...

Cast Iron Mediterranean Greens

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I only recently acquired a cast iron skillet. I opted for the largest one in the store and splurged on the cover too. While most might equate this type of pan with cooking meat, it’s actually a remarkable way to cook vegetables too. This recipe takes 10 minutes at the most, and is a nice light dinner if you are eating late, as many of us yoga teachers often do. I use the grapeseed oil...

Wild Rice Pilaf and Wok Kale

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This is a meal I have made more times than I can count. I often make it for dinner parties since it is easy to make in large quantities. You will need a large rice pot (I have a cast iron one that I love) and a large wok (the largest you can find, authentic and seasoned— no Teflon). For the rice: 1 bag Lundberg Wild Rice 2 tbsp coconut oil ½ cup pistachios ¼...

Super Food Smoothie

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If you live in New England, you may be transitioning out of smoothie season. However, even in the wintertime, smoothies are an excellent way to get vitamins, antioxidants and protein at the same time. I never add ice to my smoothies, which means they are slightly less cold and easier for your body to digest. They are also a great on-the-go food (get an iced coffee travel cup). I add chia seeds to all my...

“Goddess” Dressing

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I often joke that if I weren’t a yoga teacher, I would start a salad-dressing company.  One of the easiest things to make, homemade salad dressings are a great way to get a lot of vitamins and nutrients at once, while making your greens more exciting. Below is my favorite salad dressing, and one I make weekly. The combo of B12-rich and high protein miso and omega-3 loaded flax oil provides vegans a lot of...